News: Social Arts 101 & 102 Begin Tomorrow

StudentsReadySocial Arts Atlanta offers training in etiquette and social dance, providing the knowledge to builds skills, which leads to confidence.

The Winter/Spring Semester of Social Arts Classes begins Friday, January 22, 2016.

Social Arts 101 is for ages 11-13 and teaches through interactive exercises important social skill such as introductions, right-of-way, dining and managing social media. A social dance repertory is taught and includes the Box Step, Swig, Waltz, Merengue and Cha Cha.

Social Arts 102 is for ages 12-14. Completion of Social Arts 101 or its equivalent with another organization is required. This class builds on 101, always practicing basic skills and adding subjects important to young adult life such as interviewing and hosting events. Social dance skills are strengthened with leading and following exercises and this addition of traveling and turns.

Social Arts 101 meets at 6:00 pm and Social Arts 102 starts at 7:30 pm. These monthly hour-and-fifteen minute classes will meet January 22, February 19, March 25, April 22 and May 13. Classes are held at the International Montessori Academy just east of Little 5 Points. Tuition is $275. As of the publication of this post, registration remains open.

News: Social Arts 101 Lesson 1: Anxious to Calm

IMG_1401smOn Friday, January 23, 2015 a group of anxious adolescents, ages 11 – 13, gathered to start Social Arts 101. By the time they left, just one and one-half hours later, the majority were relaxed and keen to return for the next lesson.

As the class began, Social Arts Director Carolyn Stine McLaughlin and the Peer Chaperons assisted the young ladies and gentlemen in choosing a seat in the large circle in the center of the room. Lesson 1 began by Ms. McLaughlin asking the group “How many of you were eager to come here tonight? Raise your hand if you were.” No hands were raised.

Following a discussion of the benefits of good manners, a roll-playing exercise on how to introduce yourself and a discussion on the correlation between the use of “Please” and “Thank you,” and more independence and responsibility, the mood in the room was noticeably calmer.

IMG_1464smThe final activity of the evening was instruction in the Box Step. This most basic of social dances enabled the students to learn the dance frame, what it means to lead and follow and that dancing with a partner can be fun. After several minutes of learning the components of the dance the ladies and gentlemen made couples and danced with music. By the end of the lesson, they had changed partners numerous times and became comfortable with the movement.

Lesson 2 for this session of Social Arts 101 will be on Friday, February 20. The students will return for a review of the first lesson and then move on to introducing others, when to stand and where to walk and then finish the lesson by learning the Merengue.

News: Bill Nye Likes Bow Ties

bill_nyeIn a recent interview published in the Wall Street Journal., Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” answer twenty questions about a variety of topics including staying in shape, his favorite kitchen gadget and cocktail of choice.

They do not slip into your soup. They also do not flip into your flask when your’re in the lab.

Mr. Nye described his “uniform” as a sport coat and bow tie.  The neck wear choice that is central to his look is utilitarian. “They do not slip into your soup. They also do not flip into your flask when you’re in the lab.” Practicality and panache all in one knot.

This expainer of science also disclosed that his favorite past time is swing dancing. “I started ballroom dancing in the 1970s and 80s. It takes a long time to get where you’re comfortable dancing with women, because they are all better than you are.” We respectfully disagree with Mr. Nye.

Just like having the right tools in the lab and being persistent in your pursuit of a pastime, the study of social arts and dance will lead to success. And, just as The Science Guy is able to use plain English to explain complex scientific principals, SAA knows that it is possible to apply this same approach to the social arts.

Kornelis, Chris, Interviewer. “20 Odd Questions Bill Nye.” Wall Street Journal. [New York] 22 Nov. 2014: D15. Print. To read the complete article click here.