Quote: Help Yourself Feel Confident

What is most important is that you use these tools to help yourself feel confident and relaxed.

-Elizabeth L. Post

ConfidentThe great-grand daughter-in-law of Emily Post has it right in this quote from a book about entertaining published in 1987. When approached from a place of generosity, social rules and customs, etiquette, are there to make us more successful.

Post, Elizabeth L. “Introduction.” Emily Post on Entertaining. New York: Harper Row, 1987. x. Print.

Quotes: Good Ways

The good ways, or the good rules for behaving, have lasted a long time – so they must have something.

-Munro Leaf

Leaf_HowBehave_OldWaysThis quote is from the author of The Story of Ferdinand, he wrote more than 40 children’s book from the mid-30s to the mid-70s. He even had a cartoon series. Munro was an observer of human behavior. In How to Behave and Why he works through honesty, fairness and strength (not physical but moral) which are the unpinning of manners and then etiquette.

Leaf, Munro. How to Behave and Why. New York: Universe, 1946. Print.

Quote: Keep Your Belongings Together


A bag or strap for your books is convenient. If you keep your belongings together, you are less likely to lose or mislay your books and papers, and you are more likely to be really prepared with everything your need for your work.

– Faculty of the South Philadelphia High School for Girls, comp. Everyday Manners for American Boys and Girls. New York: Macmillan, 1922. Print.

Having everything that you need for your work is courteous whether you are a student or employee. It sends the message that you believe the teacher or your bosses time is important.