Dress Code

The Social Arts Class Dress Code is intended to create an environment of professionalism and support the idea that it is always better to dress more formally.

Ladies should wear a dress or skirt that reaches the knees or dress pants. Skirts and pants should be matched with a blouse or sweater. Shoulders should be covered, shrugs and cardigans are smart accessories. Tank styles must measure three inches wide at the shoulder.

Gentlemen should wear khakis or dress pants with a belt, a woven shirt, tie and a sport or suit coat.

Ladies and gentlemen should:

  • wear hair in an attractive style that shows the face;
  • wear closed-toes shoes that are not athletic shoes;
  • use products with fragrance, perfume and cologne conservatively;
  • not wear denim, knit pants, t-shirts or clothing with text, characters or large logos;
  • not  allow their underwear to show.