Social Arts Classes

Social Arts Classes teach social protocol and dances. Roll playing and hands-on activities, give each student the opportunity to practice. This not only makes class time active, engaging and fun but also ensures that information is truly learned. Classes demystify the what and why of manners and etiquette and look to consideration, respect and honesty for answers about how to thrive in society.

practice manners just like math or writing

Adolescence in a young woman or man’s life is a time of transition, full of both new joys “wow, I get to go to Sam’s bar mitzvah!- ” and fears – “will I do or say the right thing? This could be embarrassing.” Giving him/her the opportunity to learn and practice social skills just like school does with math and writing is the smart thing to do.

SAA offers the following regularly scheduled classes, seminar and camp for families:

Social Arts 101
Social Arts 102
Successful Teen Seminar
On the Town Camp