Rocket Fuel!

Social Arts Atlanta is please to announce that it has become Bronze 2018-2019 Education Partner of Mary Lin Education Foundation. This program supports things like continuing education for Mary Lin’s teachers, curriculum enrichment and capitol improvements.

According to the Mary Lin Education Foundation’s website:

“The Mary Lin Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2008 to support long-term goals and critical resource needs for Mary Lin Elementary (home of the ROCKETS), an Atlanta Public School serving 640+ students in the Candler Park, Inman Park, Lake Claire and Little 5 Points neighborhoods. In 2016, the MLEF launched the ROCKET FUEL FUND, a major annual giving campaign to ensure the ongoing academic success of our students and the long-term financial health of our school.”

Supporting the community is important to Social Arts Atlanta. Go Rockets!

Education Foundation Program

Does your Social Arts Class student’s school have a foundation? SAA may make a donation to that foundation.  SAA is creating the Education Foundation Program. SAA knows that these foundations are important for supporting things like teacher’s continuing education, extracurricular activities and scholarships. With this program, SAA hopes to continue to support the families that we serve in an indirect way.

For this program, SAA will donate $25 to the education foundation associated with a student’s school. For the donation to be made the foundation must be a registered 501-C3, the ability of the foundation to accept the donation must be confirmed by SAA and the student’s family must designate his or her school during the registration period. This program is in effect for registrations made from August 1, 2018.

New Make-Up Policy

Social Arts Atlanta is pleased to announce a change to our class make-up policy. Students who miss a lesson, are welcome to make-up that same lesson during the next session of the class. SAA understands that schedules change and life happens. We are happy to welcome returning students so that they can take full advantage of Social Arts Classes.


Time to Register for the Next Social Arts Semester

Registration continues for the Summer/Fall Semester Social Arts Classes. Both Social Arts 101 and 102 are being offered during the Summer/Fall Semester. We encourage families to register their tweens and teen soon space is limited.

Social Arts 101 is for students ages 11 – 13 and is five classes of important social basics. Introductions, dining skills and the use of electronic media are covered using fun improvisational exercises. Each lesson also include learning as social dance such as the Box Step or Merengue.

Social Arts 102 is for students ages 12-14 and is five lesson that practice the basics but develop important “adult” skill like conversations, managing emergencies, first jobs and entrepreneurship. Students continue to practice social dances and the class culminates with a party that the students plan themselves.

All Social Arts Classes focus on seeing the underlying courtesy of social situations, use interactive exercises for hands-on experience and provide a fun and emotionally safe environment to work through the awkward periods of learning everyone experiences.

Summer with SAA

Social Arts Atlanta is now accepting registration for its 2018 Summer Programs. We are happy to offer two programs for ages 11-15, Social Arts 101 Short-Term and On the Town Camp.

Social Arts 101 Short-Term is two half-day classes which teach and practice important social skill and basic social dances. Included are items such as introductions, dining skills, managing a buffet, the Box Step and the Merengue. This compressed format covers all five lessons of Social Arts 101 in two half days. Both morning and evening classes are available. Tuition for this class is $295 and each session is limited to 26 students. Please visit here for further information.

On the Town Camp is a three-day, full-day camp which includes social skills training and daily outings via public transportation to a restaurant and City site. In addition to in-class, roll playing exercises, the student attending this camp will have real world experiences with introduction, public right of way, ordering and dining skills, etc. Planned sites are a theater, a museum, City Hall and the State Capitol. Tuition for this camp is $325 and each session is limited to 20 students. Please visit her for further information.

2018/2019 Season Registration Open

Social Arts Atlanta has opened registration for the 2018/2019 Season. Social Arts Classes are offered for ages 11-15. Classes size is limited to 26. We invite you to register today.

Social Arts Classes developer social skills in a positive, supportive and, fun environment. Roll playing games work on all important social skills like introduction and good dining etiquette. These skills are supported with the introduction of social dances.

Please, click here to learn about Social Arts 101 for 5th through 8th graders.

Please click here to learn about Social Arts 102 for 6th through 9th graders.

Summer/Fall Classes begin August 25, 2018 and Winter/Spring Classes begin January 25, 2019.

New Volumes Added to SAA Library

Social Arts Atlanta has added two volumes to is library of books about etiquette, social customs and social dance.

How tow Speak Politely and Why by Murnro Leaf is a young children’s book with whimsical illustrations and examples of how using good language communicates respect and attention. Right is an image of page eight with the “awful little creature” yeah.

The second addition is from the Post family.  Good Manners for Kids includes section of home and school life with tips for bike riding and using cell phones in public.

SAA welcomes questions from our families and followers about etiquette and social dance. Please send these questions to

Social Arts 101 – Change of Start Date, Registration Remains Open

The Winter/Spring Semester of Social Arts Classes will now begin on Friday, February 2, 2018. This class will take place from 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm at International Montessori Academy. There is also a Lesson 1 class available on Sunday, February 4 from 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm at the Directors home in Inman Park. Registration remains open to welcome new students.

Following the new Lesson 1 dates, lessons will continue on the planned schedule of:Fridays –  February 9, March 9, April 20 & May 11, 6:00 pm 7:15 pm at International Montessori Academy.

Social Arts Classes teach social protocol and dances. Roll playing and hands-on activities, give each student the opportunity to practice. This not only makes class time active, engaging and fun but also ensures that information is truly learned. Classes demystify the what and why of manners and etiquette and look to consideration, respect and honesty for answers about how to thrive in society.

Social Arts Supports Arbor Montessori Annual Fund

Social Arts Atlanta (SAA) is happy to announce that for the Winter/Spring Semester of Social Arts 101 for every Arbor Montessori family that registers a student it will  donate $25 to Arbor’s Annual Fund.

SAA has a family connection to Arbor Montessori. Its founder and owner Carolyn Stine McLaughlin’s two children have attended Arbor. One child is currently a student of the school. Also, many Arbor students have attended Social Arts classes and been models for SAA promotions.

Arbor’s Annual fund provides monies for teacher training and scholarships at the school. Teacher training ensures continuing high quality experience for students. Scholarships support a level of economic diversity for the school and families experiencing financial challenges.

SAA is thankful for the opportunity to support this outstanding educational organization. If you know of another educational organization that we can support with a similar program please email

Gift That Last a Lifetime

Social Art Atlanta offers all of its classes for purchase as gift certificates and gift packages. This is a gift that will never gather dust and is always a perfect fit, giving a tween or teen the tools to meet success. For and first day of Hanukkah delivery order by Friday, December 8 and for before Christmas delivery order by Wednesday December 20.

Social Arts 101 and Social Arts 102 are great for tweens in grades 6th through 9th. 101 works on important basics like introductions and dining. 102 builds on the work of 102 and adds conversation skills and subjects like entrepreneurship and dealing with emergencies. Both of these classes teach and build a repertory of basic social dances such as the Box Step, Merengue and the Swing.

Successful Teen Seminar is perfect for 9th through 12th graders. It is meant to help young adult succeed as they move through high school and college toward independence. The two-day seminar compresses Social Arts 101 and 102 curriculum with an added focus on interview skill. This seminar also includes learning social dances.

All Social Arts Classes are hands-on and include fun roll-playing games and practice of essential skill. To purchase please follow this link.