Gift Certificates & Packages

Social Art Atlanta offers all of its classes for purchase as gift certificates and gift packages. This is a gift that will never gather dust and is always a perfect fit, giving a tween or teen the tools to meet success.

Social Arts 101 and Social Arts 102 are great for tweens in grades 6th through 9th. 101 works on important basics like introductions and dining. 102 builds on the work of 102 and adds conversation skills and subjects like entrepreneurship and dealing with emergencies. Both of these classes teach and build a repertory of basic social dances such as the Box Step, Merengue and the Swing.

Successful Teen Seminar is perfect for 9th through 12th graders. It is meant to help young adult succeed as they move through high school and college toward independence. The two-day seminar compresses Social Arts 101 and 102 curriculum with an added focus on interview skill. This seminar also includes learning social dances.

Gift Certificates are for tuition and are $275. Gift packages include a copy of Emily Post Teen Manners by Cindy Post Senning and Peggy Post, tuition, gift-wrap and delivery. These are $310.

Gift Certificates and Gift Packages can be purchased on-line or by mail.

Purchase by Mail
Please complete the form below:

Gift Certificate & Gift Package Form

and mail it with a check or money order for tuition payable to Social Arts Atlanta to :

Social Arts Atlanta
245 N Highland Ave NE
Suite 230-439
Atlanta GA 30307-1909

Purchase On-Line via Google Docs & PayPal

On-Line Registration is a two-part process. Please note that these links will take you away from the SAA website. First, please complete the appropriate Google Form by clicking the desired program:

Gift Certificate & Gift Package On-Line Form

Next, please pay for class(es) via PayPal following the PayPal links below:

Social Arts 101 Gift Certificate $275
Social Arts 102 Gift Certificate $275
Successful Teen Seminar Gift Certificate $275
Social Arts 101 Gift Package $310
Social Arts 102 Gift Packages $310
Successful Teen Seminar Gift Package $310