Summer with SAA

Social Arts Atlanta is now accepting registration for its 2018 Summer Programs. We are happy to offer two programs for ages 11-15, Social Arts 101 Short-Term and On the Town Camp.

Social Arts 101 Short-Term is two half-day classes which teach and practice important social skill and basic social dances. Included are items such as introductions, dining skills, managing a buffet, the Box Step and the Merengue. This compressed format covers all five lessons of Social Arts 101 in two half days. Both morning and evening classes are available. Tuition for this class is $295 and each session is limited to 26 students. Please visit here for further information.

On the Town Camp is a three-day, full-day camp which includes social skills training and daily outings via public transportation to a restaurant and City site. In addition to in-class, roll playing exercises, the student attending this camp will have real world experiences with introduction, public right of way, ordering and dining skills, etc. Planned sites are a theater, a museum, City Hall and the State Capitol. Tuition for this camp is $325 and each session is limited to 20 students. Please visit her for further information.

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