Social Arts Supports Arbor Montessori Annual Fund

Social Arts Atlanta (SAA) is happy to announce that for the Winter/Spring Semester of Social Arts 101 for every Arbor Montessori family that registers a student it will  donate $25 to Arbor’s Annual Fund.

SAA has a family connection to Arbor Montessori. Its founder and owner Carolyn Stine McLaughlin’s two children have attended Arbor. One child is currently a student of the school. Also, many Arbor students have attended Social Arts classes and been models for SAA promotions.

Arbor’s Annual fund provides monies for teacher training and scholarships at the school. Teacher training ensures continuing high quality experience for students. Scholarships support a level of economic diversity for the school and families experiencing financial challenges.

SAA is thankful for the opportunity to support this outstanding educational organization. If you know of another educational organization that we can support with a similar program please email