News: Registration Discount Until December 9

$25Social Arts Atlanta is pleased to announce a $25 discount for families who register students between November 11 and December 9, 2015. This offer is valid for classes during the 2016 Winter/Spring Semester.

Social Arts 101 and 102 will be offered starting on January 22 and run through May 14, 2016. 101 teaches and practices basic social skills including dining, introductions and social dances. 102 continues to practice the basics and adds skills such as interviewing for jobs and internships, managing specific difficult foods and leading and following turns for the five dances learned in 101. Both of these classes are five monthly sessions and tuition is $275.

Note: Families that are currently registered for a Winter/Spring Semester program will receive a $25 credit towards the tuition of their next Social Arts class or program.