Notes: Why No Screens

Cell_PhonesWhy no screens at Social Arts Atlanta events?

We have all come to rely on these “smart” devises as a way to communicate, make notes, find information and take pictures. This collective data, words and images, can make so many things easier. Need to change the carpool schedule? Send a text. See just the right layout for a meeting? Snap a picture and email it to your assistant.

Yet, as with many fantastic and amazing things, there are down sides.

Screens document and broadcast the good and the bad. Creating an environment where students can make a mistake without the fear of being the subject of a post on social media, well intentioned or not, is important. We all need the space to mess up and try again, to practice and get our footing.

Phones, tablets and MP3 players can be used to create a physical barrier, a crutch, the techo means to “look the other way” from something uncomfortable. In social situations, this discomfort is likely caused by not knowing what to do or say. Because Social Arts’ classes do not allow screens and are relatively small and, student more naturally engage and learn that knowledge and practice are empowering. Most situations are not as difficult as you could ever image.

SAA’s no screen policy is both a protection and a way to make students open up, be uncomfortable to get more comfortable.