Quotes: The Good Neighbor

Boy_KnockingThe Good Neighbor

1. Always knock before you enter someone’s home.

2. Say hello and goodbye when you see a neighbor.

3. Offer your help when a neighbor needs it.

4. Keep an eye on a neighbor’s home when they are away.

5. Don’t play music too loud, especially if you live in an apartment building.

6. Do not work on your car in the driveway for more than a few hours a week.

7. Keep your home as attractive as possible, paining and landscaping regularly.

– McKnight-Trontz, Jennifer. The Good Citizen’s Handbook: A Guide to Proper Behavior. San Francisco: Chronicle, 2001. Print.

The Good Citizen’s Handbook: A Guide to Proper Behavior is a fun book in the SAA library. The author credits the text to a manner’s primer from the 1950s. So much that has been written about how to behave remains true well beyond its publication. Wouldn’t it be great if all your neighbors followed the above guidelines?