Note: Be A Good Guest

At the end of the year, we gather. This long tradition is likely linked to the cold and short days. We just cannot do as much work out in the fields.

So young or old, we are likely to be a guest. Whether it is at an office party, a friend’s open house or your great-aunt’s assisted living cafeteria, being a good guest is a good idea and relatively simple.

Think like a host.

  • Make only reasonable requests. What would your reaction be if your employee asked that limbo be added to the agenda of the cocktail gathering?
  • Offer to help. How did you feel when your home-from-college niece offered to unstop the powder room toilet so you could take the souffle out of the oven?
  • Be open to suggestions. When you were not sure how to talk to your best friend’s  eleven-year-old niece, wasn’t it great when she accepted your invitation to play Sorry?
  • Avoid negative comments. How did you feel when your friend talked about how she got heinous food poising from a batch of gingerbread at your first cookie decorating party?

To help both yourself and the young people in your life, take a moment to talk or think about the people you have enjoyed hosting. What make these people enjoyable to be around, what makes you want to invite them back?

Just this small bit of thought and preparation will make you and yours great guests and repeat guests.