News: Bill Nye Likes Bow Ties

bill_nyeIn a recent interview published in the Wall Street Journal., Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” answer twenty questions about a variety of topics including staying in shape, his favorite kitchen gadget and cocktail of choice.

They do not slip into your soup. They also do not flip into your flask when your’re in the lab.

Mr. Nye described his “uniform” as a sport coat and bow tie.  The neck wear choice that is central to his look is utilitarian. “They do not slip into your soup. They also do not flip into your flask when you’re in the lab.” Practicality and panache all in one knot.

This expainer of science also disclosed that his favorite past time is swing dancing. “I started ballroom dancing in the 1970s and 80s. It takes a long time to get where you’re comfortable dancing with women, because they are all better than you are.” We respectfully disagree with Mr. Nye.

Just like having the right tools in the lab and being persistent in your pursuit of a pastime, the study of social arts and dance will lead to success. And, just as The Science Guy is able to use plain English to explain complex scientific principals, SAA knows that it is possible to apply this same approach to the social arts.

Kornelis, Chris, Interviewer. “20 Odd Questions Bill Nye.” Wall Street Journal. [New York] 22 Nov. 2014: D15. Print. To read the complete article click here.