Thank you for your interest in Social Arts Atlanta (SAA). As of the begining of 2021, SAA has suspended classes indefinatly.

SAA offers etiquette and social dance training. This guidance provides students the tools to meet success both professionally and personally. The overarching philosophy is that good manners make life better and should be a part of each day.

good manners make life better

SAA offers Social Arts Classes, workshops and camps. Social Arts 101 is offered for 6th– 8th graders and teaches the basics of etiquette, a bit of its history and why it is important. How to make introductions, when and how to write a thank you note and a basic repertory of social dances will be included in the curriculum. Social Arts 102┬áis offered for 7th – 9th graders and builds on these skills with practice in conversation, learning how to be a guest and host a party, basic interview skills and social dances. Social Arts Workshop for Children is for younger students in grades 4 and 5 and Successful Teen Seminar is offered for high school aged students. Custom programs are available for all ages.

The idea for the development of SAA came from the observation by founder Carolyn Stine McLaughlin that families need support in teaching kids manners. She also believes that manners are not a scary, over-the-top set of rules meant to trip you up but are a simple way to treat people with honesty, courtesy and respect which make life a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.